A small barbershop downtown. Victor, the owner, takes great care in styling his clients. On that particular day, only one topic comes back in all the conversations: the “crazy killer”, a psycho who chops his victims with a chainsaw before to eat them.

An ordinary looking man walks in the salon and asks Victor for a total “make-over”. As he shaves the man’s beard, Victor is not totally comfortable: the guy bears some resemblance with the identity kit of the serial killer…

Director: Gil Bauwens
Screenplay: Gil Bauwens, Stéphan Carpiaux & Jean-luc Goossens
Image: Michel Taburiaux
Edit: Marc Léonard
Sound: Dominique Warnier
Music: Alain Debaisieux
Production: Banana Films with the help of Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel Belge,
Wanda productions and Les Films du Temps