“JE T’AIME studio” is a collective that brings together different artists such as graphic designer, 3D artist and filmmaker.


“JE T’AIME studio” uses different techniques, mixing classic images, fine arts and virtual graphics, where fantasy, esthetics, humor and poetry all play their part.


“JE T’AIME studio” likes to invest in different types of projects such as animation films, graphic design and little drawings, their sources of inspiration are painting, dance and fine arts. We want to give both innovation and emotion at the same time.

“JE T’AIME studio” signed a first memorable film, Marshall Field’s, a hybrid film where the magic of graphic design reinvents Christmas imagery for a chain of department stores in the US. It won 4 “Terry Awards” at the New York film festival.

Since then “JE T’AIME studio” has directed several advertising films, credits and series projects such as: Fost+, Crazy Horses, Roger dans l’espace, Delhaize, Lima, Cartier…